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We are NOT the ones with the highest turnover.
We are Not the best. We are NOT the leaders.       
We are working hard to achieve those targets!

We have been working in the import-export of selective perfumery and cosmetics since 2004; this does not exclude other merchandise sectors or individual deals we have handled over the years, but helps to define the “borders”.

Let't discuss “borders”. The word itself is already limiting, giving the impression that outside our normal field of operation we cannot do business, while instead we prefer to think that a casual fortunate and unexpected meeting can contribute to change the route of our small corsair ship!

We think of ourselves as a small corsair ship, aware of navigating in the Trading Seas where great traditional commercial powers sail, who at times treat with disdain nations of little prestige, less emblazoned loads or smaller harbours where the waters are too shallow for their fleets!

Small or unimportant customers or suppliers do not exist!

In our world trustworthy partners and “harbours” where we choose not to moor exist. Everyone is treated with equal care and dignity, because the quality which we principally desire to achieve recognition for is our professionality.

We are humble enough to recognise our limits, loyal enough to apologise for our mistakes and aware also that we never act without good faith. Our motto is “Doing Business Means Fair Business.”


The protection of our supply sources is our first worry.

We carefully choose our customers and we prefer to build long-term relationships, which allow us to offer a better service, with “buying office” features. We believe this to be the best approach to respond to the challenge of an ever greater speed in change, in terms of the brands requested and sales quotations, which a select market imposes on us. This approach is mirrored in our choice not to resources in the creation of large store-room stocks, but to offer careful attention to our customers needs and prompt dealings with our suppliers.

In this way the brands treated are more varied and mirror our ability to adapt to the market and its unforeseeability, without losing efficiency. The following list, far from being complete, simply offers a glimpse of our activity over recent weeks, but by the time you read it it will probably be partly already out of date. However, do turn to us in trust, we will not leave you empty-handed.


Also in this business sector the considerations expressed for the perfumery sector are also valid, but the working difficulties increase and henceforth also our necessary care and attention needed to satisfy our clients requests. Certain outlet markets are particulary rigid about product quality control and freshness which Alba Trading, over recent years, has learn to manage with the greatest satisfaction of the counterparts.

At the same time, the evermore severe demands to protect our sources have been carried out with a wise “geographical decodification” policy and alternating our sales channels. It most certainly is a strategy which, at times, obliges us to pass over additional turnover, but which certainly protects our partners adequately.
What do you think? Let's have a look at the brands handled.


Tens of possible colour combination for each reference, for each brand. A “nightmare” for store-room handling, but we are equipped to satisfy our customers needs.

The brands? Oh no, now you work a little and let us have a list of your detailed requests.


Stock-clearing of perfumeries, end of series cosmetics and make-up, hair care products, swimwear, personal hygiene products, brushes, watches, umbrellas, soft toys, etc. Abele's playground.

A return to childhood when no rules existed and the limits were set only by our own imagination. Transferred into the world of trading a release valve which reminds us to look at the world around us with open eyes and to continue to cultivate that curiosity which allows you to grasp the opportunities.

Putting it more commonly in the translation of two British proverbs:
One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Or if you prefer:
Don't put all your eggs in one basket.


Joins the well-estabilished expertise and experience of its partners who combined their diverse skills to create a new ventrure in the import-export business of selective beauty products and HBA items

Alberto Tasca


Has been responsible for engineering the Back Offices and Logistics of the Companies he worked for, providing them with a firm ground upon which to rely for state of the art technological facilities, safe warehousing and fast and punctual deliveries.

Licia Lavagetti


Has been working in trading since 1989, developing a worldwide network of business partners in top brands perfumery, skincare and colour cosmetics, and trading brands such as: Dior, Chanel, Lancome, Shiseido, Helena Rubinstein, etc

Abele Leva


Has been involved in mass market since 1995. The tasks he has been charged with cover both the domestic market, supplying some of the leading Italian retail chains (Metro, Coop and Conad among the others), and the international arena exporting containers of branded toiletries such as Gillette, Dove, Tena Lady, Finish and Palmolive, to mention just a few.

Where and how

Business and
warehouse Address:

Alba Trading Srl 
Via Forlanini 2,
20090 Buccinasco (MI) - Italy

Legal address:

Via C. Foldi
20135 Milano (MI) - Italy

PHONE: +39 02 36740330
FAX: +39 02 36740339


Business and
warehouse Address

 Via Forlanini 2,
20090 Buccinasco (MI)

P.IVA. 04335640969

Legal Address

Via C. Foldi, 6
20135 Milano (MI)



Phone: +39 02 36740330 
Fax:       +39 02 36740339